Being a Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador

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In November 2013 I became a Young Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust. In this post I will talk about how and why I decided to become a Young Ambassador and the amazing experiences it brings.

During the summer of 2012 I got a call to say that I had been nominated for the Prince’s Trust and Samsung Celebrate Success Award, being nominated was a huge deal for me and I was over the moon!  I ended up a regional finalist and got to go to an amazing awards ceremony at Southampton football stadium. I didn’t win but I’m massively proud to have even been considered good enough.

Regional finalist for RBS Enterprise Award
Regional finalist for RBS Enterprise Award

Soon after the awards I was asked if I could be an inspirational speaker for the Explore Enterprise Program. I was always terrified of public speaking and I had never imagined I could ever be thought of as an inspiration to anyone but I remember the impression  the speaker on my program left on me so I was happy to do it. The role is to show the people taking part where they can go from those 4 days of learning.  I was so nervous coming up to my first event but I’ve alway worked extremely hard and know what has worked for me in my business and what hasn’t, so those are things I spoke about. After 2 talks I was hooked so I emailed my program executive and told him that I needed to do more.  I was told about the young ambassador role so I applied and had to go for an interview and got it!!  Because of what I went through during the first 20 years of my life I’ve always felt like I could help young people who had been through similar problems or who had just had a tough time and needed guidance or someone to speak to, thats why I was convinced this was a role I needed to do!

The role of the young ambassador is challenging but extremely rewarding, all you’re asked to do is spare about two days a month for various roles including speaking to a range of audiences, supporting outreach and programme delivery and contributing your views to influence government and help shape services for young people.

The training you get as a young ambassador is amazing, I have had some amazing training workshops for public speaking, presenting, networking and social awareness. These training days make fulfilling the role easy and have made a massive difference in my life.

My favourite part of being a YA is the public speaking. I’ve always been terrified public speaking, when I’m nervous and my heart is pounding and adrenaline in rushing through me I find it very difficult to speak so the thought of getting up in front of a room full of people and talking scares the life out of me! I love to overcome fear and to conquer it, I believe almost every adults has the ability to conquer their fears. Sure its scary but once you’ve accomplished something you didn’t think you can do, the feeling of achievement is amazing! Before becoming an inspirational speaker the only public speaking I’ve had to do was on my wedding day and I became very friendly with the bottle of bubbly to help ease my nerves before my speech because I was terrified.

I’ve seen the impact my story has on the people within the Prince’s Trust and the events that I talk at, so I want be become great at speaking so I can help as many people as I can and raise as much awareness about the amazing work the the trust does.  Very few people know much about the work that they do, some know about the Enterprise Program but very few people I speak know about the programs like fairbridge, where they help young people stuck in awful situations. Every program the Trust does is amazing so to be a part of that and to be able to speak to sponsors and show them how much my life has changed since I attended the enterprise program is a huge honour for me.

Since becoming a YA I’ve helped secure funding from Barclays bank, I’ve spoken to important insurance CEO’s at Clarence House and my last speech was with Martina Milburn CBE,  The Prince’s Trust Chief Executive at the Guildhall speaking to The London Corporation chief Execs. In my eyes Martina is one of the worlds most amazing women, so to speak with her at such an important event was probably one of my proudest moments. I will update this post after every event, if you want to know more you can read what the trust has to say HERE