Tyron the tree frog steel sculpture

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[retweet]My biggest goal with Elite Pond Covers is to engage my customers imagination so that we can design a unique creation whether it be a POND COVER, STEEL SCULPTURE or BESPOKE WROUGHT IRON CREATION that will not only be there to serve a practical purpose but will be something you look at every day and will make you happy. Thats why we work along side you to help design a creation that you can look at every day and enjoy. Thats exactly how the 3d version of Tyron the tree frog came about. Our customer called us because they needed their pond made child safe but love their garden so do not want to lose any of its beauty. After discussing the details over email I arranged a consultation to discuss the design options. While discussing the pond cover design they told me that they wanted to incorporate one flat and one three dimensional steel sculpture into it. They loved the dragonfly sculpture but have a fondness for frogs, at that time I had only made a flat steel sculpture of a frog. That was enough for them to see what it might look like and to commission the first three dimensional version of the tree frog. If you would like to to find out more why not contact me HERE 



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