Child proof pond cover

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What is the most important thing to remember when covering a pond? Is it price? Or how decorative the pond cover is? In my opinion its neither, the most important thing is strength. There is no point getting a child proof pond cover that is not strong. There are quite a few different options available when it comes to child proofing a pond and I can understand completely if someone can not afford decorative pond cover or even want a fancy looking cover. Ponds are very beautiful but very dangerous features to have in the garden so making them safe is very important if children are going to be able to gain access to the area where the pond is. This particular customer is a paediatric anaesthetist who was telling me a few scary stories about children drowning, not just in ponds, thats why I thought best to write a short piece to explain why our covers aren’t cheap and never will be but will be very strong and last a very long time.

When I started Elite Pond Covers I had a lot to learn about the processes involved in making a ‘child proof pond cover’ At first my idea was to create a cover that was beautiful to look at but reasonably priced. Unfortunately I soon learned that the processes involved in making a child proof pond cover that will last a very long time are very expensive. Like quality welding, You can’t have a steel pond cover that needs to be able to take a fair bit of weight that has not been properly welded. Thats why anyone who works on one of my covers has to have extensive welding experience. Another very important but expensive process is the coating. 95% of my covers are nylon powder coated, they are first shot blast to get any impurities off the surface of the steel and then give a zinc flame coating which is very similar to galvanising but has a smoother finish because it is sprayed on rather than dipped. Then finally the cover is given 2-3 coats of a very durable nylon powder coating. This makes sure that even if the cover is scratched there is protection underneath the coating to prevent rust from spreading. This is the Ferrari of paint jobs, its more expensive than general powder coating applications but will last at around three times longer.

I’ve got no interest in making my covers on the ‘cheap’ and will not start cutting corners to optimise profits like a lot of companies in other industries do when trying to grow a business. I believe in producing high quality work that will last years, this means that my covers are a premium product that are hand made here in the UK to the highest quality standards and will be an investment that lasts for years giving you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your children safe.
child proof pond coverchild proof pond coverchild proof pond cover