Heron safe pond cover

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Protecting your pond from herons

Is your pond safe from attacks by predators such as herons?

Heron safe pond cover’s are tricky things, its almost impossible to make a pond 100% heron proof because these amazing birds are incredibly intelligent and can figure out ways of getting there beaks and heads through small spaces and have an incredibly long neck. Click HERE to go the the federation of british aquatic society for there extensive list on protecting your pond from herons.With all this in mind its very difficult to say a pond cover is heron proof, and I’ve found out the hard way. I’ve had to change my heron safe pond cover designs over the years because these birds are cunning and have come back to haunt me. Or the way I like to look a it now. They have taught me valuable lessons which have improved my designs. The recommended mesh size when making a pond cover heron proof is 2.5cm or 1 inch. This is not a great mesh size as it decreases the visibility of the pond. This being said there are ways of making heron safe pond covers without using a 2.5cm mesh. For flat covers I use a mesh no bigger than 5cm, 2 inches. this has proven to work and as of today I have not had a call back with problems (touch wood). Here are a few images to give to a better idea:

Heron safe pond cover Heron safe pond cover Heron safe pond cover

The other option is having the pond cover raised up above the pond surface. This type of design coupled with tight gaps makes it very difficult for the heron to get near your fish. This type of cover is generally more expensive but I find them to be slightly more attractive. Most people that keep fish get quite attached to them as pets and when the fish naturally start to breed and reproduce, watching fingerlings grow into mature adult fish can be very rewarding. So an attack from a heron can be devastating. Using nets can be effective but they often ruin the aesthetics of the pond and can be ineffective if not used properly. Steel heron safe pond covers are in my opinion the most effective solution to this problem. I produce both decorative and non-decorative designs in a range of different styles. Here are a few images to help with the visual:
Heron safe pond cover Spiderweb pond cover Heron safe pond cover

I hope this is helpful to you while searching for a solution for your heron problem.