Snail Sculpture

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A super scary thought for most gardeners

Slugs and snails are among the more common garden pests but for not for one snail loving lady who received this snail sculpture for Christmas.

When I was asked if I could make a giant snail sculpture I was a bit taken aback. I’d never heard of anyone liking snails, let alone massive ones a meter and a half high! But hey I’m not in the business of asking why, I’m in the business of creating what people desire so this was an awesome challenge for me.

At first I thought it would be pretty straight forward but then I started to plan the sculpture and soon realised it would be much more complicated than I had originally thought. Snails shells are amazing examples of natural geometry but then suddenly I realised that I’m not a mathematician… Never the less I loved learning things like the ‘golden ratio’ and trying to figure out how I could create a giant snail shell. I stated off with the ‘spiral’ in the snail shell.
snail shell spiral snail shell spiral snail shell spiral

I seemed like ages to get to this point but then seeing it become more 3d was amazing and I could start to see it better in my minds eye. I then started working out how to complete the shells shape. Bringing the circular bars around to meet at the back of the shell.
snail shell snail shell

Seeing the shell as a 3d skeleton was amazing. At first I could figure out how I would make this sculpture and it was starting to drive me a little crazy but then bit by bit it started coming to life!

After completing the shell I thought the hard bit was over… I was wrong, I realised quickly that this snail sculpture was going to be a challenge from start to finish. But thats what makes this job so interesting! Who gets to come to work and make a giant snail sculpture?! This can be a challenge at first but I always try to remember that the more challenging the job the more amazing the final piece will be.
snail sculpture
Creating the ‘slug’ body was good fun. I started by creating the skeleton and then wrapping it in 1.2mm sheet steel.
Creative process Creative process Creative process

Once the body was completed I then put the final two pieces together