Zen art style pond cover

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I’m very pleased to show my new Zen art style pond cover design

My style of work is heavily influenced by Japanese line are and I have been working to create beautiful Zen art style covers with Koi, Lotus and dragonfly.This Pond cover is completely hand made using various size mild steel bars to create the image within the frame.

Ponds and the wildlife within bring peace and serenity to the gardens where they are but so many are spoilt due to Child safety products and heron proofing which spoil the look and feel of the pond. My ambition is to create pieces of practical art that enhance the beauty of the pond and to work with nature to create a safe beautiful space that brings hours of satisfaction to whom ever visits it and enjoys its beauty.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it.

For a look at what our customer had to say about their pond cover have a look at the testimonial HERE


Zen art style pond coverZen art style pond coverZen art style pond coverThe Lotus FlowerThe rippleChild and animal safe pond cover