Steel hand painted dragonfly sculpture

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My new dragonfly sculpture with custom pearl paint job

I’ve been making dragonfly sculptures for a few years now and I love every one of the! Each and every dragonfly sculpture I’ve made has been different in one way or another due to the freestyle bending techniques I use to create the sculpture. There are however close similarities with some of the older models. This time round I wanted to improve the head and wing design. I wanted it to look a bit a bit more realist abstract. Capturing the detail of the eyes with recycled plate slugs and making the pattern on the wings more structured and based closer on the patterns on dragonfly’s wings.

I finished the sculpture and normally I’d have it painted with a pond covers or just coated in a clear laquer. This one demanded something special, something to make it stand out. I decided to paint the dragonfly sculpture myself using a combination of base and pearl paints. This make it glisten in the sunshine and change colour as the sky moves around.

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Dragonfly sculptureDragonfly sculptureDragonfly sculptureDragonfly sculpture