Double Dolphin Greco Roman style pond cover

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Greco Roman style Heron and child safe pond cover with Dolphins

I was asked to consult on a pond cover for a pond set in a narrow Greco Roman style garden in London. The client had a particular love for Dolphins and asked if I could incorporate a dolphin design into a plain heron safe mesh. I’d never made a dolphin before so was excited at the prospect. I like the long clean curved lines. Only problem with this is that there are large gaps for a herons head or a small child’s leg to fit through. I like to cut the mesh away behind the artwork so it stands out. The client was happy to compromise a bit of the aesthetics for safety and we decided to leave the mesh intact.

This a a simple design made to compliment this Greco Roman style garden. The customer was very happy with the end result and is now comfortable knowing that her fish are safe and she has a unique piece of art on her pond that is made bespoke for her.

For More information about this design or to get a quote for your bespoke made pond cover click HERE
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Dolphin designDolphin style pond coverGreco Roman style garden