Inspiring young lives – Shaun McPhereson

Inspiring young lives – Shaun McPhereson


Shaun, 30, was born into an unstable environment in South Africa. Growing up he was both victim and witness to severe violence and on occasions his life was directly threatened. This led to Shaun being placed in foster care at 14.

As a result of Shaun’s ADHD and disruptive behaviour he was removed from education at 15 after being excluded from three schools. Shaun’s criminal activity and substance misuse began as young as 7 years old. By the time he was 17, he had become heavily involved in gangs and was selling drugs to pay for his addictions. At the age of 18 Shaun resolved to change his life and make a fresh start.

Shaun arrived in the UK aged 19. Showing great resilience he worked in a series of unskilled jobs whilst studying welding fabrication at college, for which he gained his NVQ Level One. He was forced to leave the two jobs that followed due to unfair dismissal and difficult circumstances.

While unemployed, he heard about The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme, a scheme for young people interested in starting their own business.

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