Koi at the lakes

Koi at the lakes

This request was heartbreaking, this customer lives in the lake district, Cumbria. They had their entire koi pond devastated by an otter. The sad thing was that the otter didn’t actually eat any of the fish it just scattered them around the surrounding area. I’ve been in this business a few years now and I know how dear fish are to their owners, they are pets like any other.  To lose one is hard but to have your whole pond emptied is devastating!!

I met them at their house to discuss different designs they could have. They thought that seeing as though they love koi, the flat koi design would be the best option and that a 3d dragonfly would add the finishing touch. They were very pleased with the installed product, which you can read about in the testimonials. In fact they were so pleased they have commissioned a piece koi wall art and a koi front gate. Koi mad 🙂



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