Peace of mind with a child safe koi pond cover

Peace of mind with a child safe koi pond cover

Knowing your children are safe in the garden when you have a pond

Today I received a photo and testimonial from one of my customers. Making pond covers is difficult work, but not because pond covers are awkward to make, not because they’re strange shapes or have a tedious amount of short welds. The most stressful aspect of making pond covers is that there are literally children’s lives in my hands and that can be a scary responsibility. I love what I do because I have that responsibility and I am able to create solutions to this issue that are not only safe but also beautiful pieces of practical art that bring joy and peace of mind to the families that choose them.

Here is one of my favourite testimonials:

“My wife and I did a lot of research on pond covers in anticipation of our son turning one and starting to run around our garden. Safety for our son, protection for our koi from herons and having something aesthetically pleasing in our garden were our primary considerations. I was initially impressed with the durable quality of the Elite Pond Cover products and we were swayed by pictures online of babies sitting on Shaun’s pond covers.

From our first point of contact until the final installation, Shaun was very professional, detail-oriented and trustworthy. His timing estimates were realistic and he committed to them without fail. We could not be happier with the beautiful end product: the access panels, the koi feature and the four corners where we needed plant fittings were completed to perfection. We needed space for our waterfall and asked for the cover to not “stick up” – Shaun ensured that these requests were addressed and ensured that the cover fit flush with our pond’s border throughout, while giving way for the waterfall. Shaun, you are a great artist and craftsman. Thank you for the cover and, most importantly, for giving me and my wife peace of mind when it comes to pond safety for our friends and family.”

Mr and Mrs Manalo

Child safe koi pond coverChild safe koi pond coverChild safe koi pond cover

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  1. Carol Ann Eaddy

    I have an inground koi pond in my backyard. It is not in working order. For insurance purposes I have to get a cover for it. Can you help me and about how much will it cost? The pond is 10ft x 10ft
    Any help will be appreciated.

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