The saggy spiderweb

The saggy spiderweb

The saggy spiderweb was designed for a customer in Lichfield, they called us looking for help. They look after their grandchild on a regular basis and were worried that when the warm weather arrives he will be crawling around and want to play outside. They also have a problem with a local heron so they’ve had to have a horrible net over the pond which they say ruins the beauty of the pond. After the initial email correspondence ee sat down and discussed different designs and the one that was decided on was the concave spiderweb, our favourite web to make. This is probably the hardest web to make due to the fabrication process. There are over 1000 welds on this cover which is why its among our elite. They were extremely pleased with the finished product and can now rest assured that the neither the little man or the heron will be getting in the pond again.


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  1. Annette Foster

    I Want One !!!

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