Fabrication process

At Elite Pond Covers I treat every cover I produce like a very special journey, no matter what the design. Whether the most intricate spider web or something simple as mesh design, I pride myself in the quality of my work and my personal approach to business and love to keep your ponds safe! I make sure every cover I create has the same shelf life, which is a bit open ended but basically as long as possible. Over the last few years I have learned new trick and procedures and have made new contacts in the plastic coating industry which has increased the life of my covers. All my pond covers made since 2013 are coated with zinc either by galvanising or by zinc flame undercoat so that rust cannot spread if the cover is scratched.

Every journey starts with an email or phone call to discuss the job at hand. Because every job is different I need to gather as much information about the job as possible. There is a list of questions on the PRICING PAGE. By answering these questions I can get a good idea of the scale of the job and can give an estimated price. From there if you decide to go ahead to the next stage I will arrange a consultation visit to measure up the pond and possibly make a template.


The first stage is to see the pond, measure up, make a template and give a solid quote


Pond cover fabrication

After the quote has been accept the fabrication begins. This can take between 6-12 weeks after the contract has been signed.

Frog design

All the artwork incorporated into designs is made freeform to keep its uniqueness.

frog design in acces panel

The artwork is then fitted to the frame and welded both sides to give it extra strength.

Frog design in access panel

This is a how it looks once its finished and ready for painting

decorative pond cover

Once the cover is painted it can then be delivered and installed.

koi pond cover

A close-up of the koi design on the pond cover