Dragonfly’s delight keeping children safe tonight


Dragonfly’s delight keeping children safe tonight

For more information about this cover or to get an quote for your bespoke pond cover contact us HERE Or to find out what information we need go to our pricing page HERE
Dragonfly pond coverDragonfly pond coverDragonfly pond cover


  1. I’m looking at at 2mx1.75 m. With a shape , mobile 07980223486

  2. Hi looking for a cover for my pond 10 x 6

  3. Steve

    Rectangular 55.5″x 132″”


    My pond is 5 foot wide and 8.5 feet long. how do I go about placing an oder with you for a pond cover?

  5. Mr Barry Renwick

    Looking on your website, I am searching for a plain pond cover slightly off the ground similar to your Dragonfly Design but without the Dragonfly Motif.
    My pond is slightly irregular in shape especially at the head end as there is a rock formation incorporating a water fall feature going from left to right. The pond has a paved area at the foot and two sides and the general overall size of the pond is 9’4 by 6’0.
    My main reason for this protection are for Herons and the Large Hook-Beaked Seagulls that would simply fly on to the water but to have sufficient height to allow for some plant and or grasses.
    I will await your reply in due course.

  6. Mary Mills

    My pond is rectangular and the water surface area is approximately 257 cm long by 169 cm wide.
    I am anxious to buy an attractive but safe pond cover – because my husband has two severe forms of dementia and is not steady on his feet. He loves the pond and all the wildlife that is attracts – but I am extremely concerned that he might trip and fall in. Obviously, he is closely supervised – but as with our little ones – it is so easy to be briefly distracted and for a tragedy to occur. I have been quoted £1000 plus by another company and would be interested to have a rough idea of your costs.

  7. Krista Bruns

    How can I buy this?

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