Plop ripple with dragonfly and lily pads


for more information about this design or to get a personalised quote contact us HERE Or to find out more about our pricing got to our pricing page HERE

fabrication stagefabrication stagefabrication stageChild and heron safe pond coverPond coverPond CoverPond Cover


  1. Patsy Carraway

    I have a pond that is 8 ft round stock tank. What would be price of cover to fit this? Thanks

    • Hi Patsy.
      Thank you for your comment. If you could please send over the information asked for on the pricing page HERE I will get back to you with an estimate and some options. Thanks Shaun

  2. Jacquie Abbey

    We have a pond measuring 4.2mtrs x 5.3mtrs and would like a price for one of your beautiful pond covers.

  3. june waring

    I am interested in ordering a pond cover approx 1 metre diameter circular to keep my dogs out of fishing! The surround is flat. I very much like the dragon fly design – is it possible to make this conical? My address is Tumber Lodge Farm, Slough Lane, Headley, Surrey. 01372 376707. Thank you
    June Waring.

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