The landscape garden gate

The landscape garden gate

I’m often asked if I only make pond covers and the simple answer is no. I’m designer/steel sculptor and steel fabricator, Elite Pond Covers is the first idea of mine that has been successful and hopefully there will be a few more ideas to come. I try my best to make beautiful one off creations and this gate is something I’ve wanted to do for a while so when a customer of mine whom I’d made a pond cover and steel frog sculpture for asked me if I could make a gate with a landscape picture in it I was happy to say yes! I’m very happy to show off my newest creation ‘the landscape garden gate’ This special gate was hand made using various metal working skills I’ve learned over the years so it has a mixture of forged texture from blacksmithing techniques and other steel fabrication and steel sculpture techniques.

Landscape design gateLandscape design gate

Landscape design gate

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